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What is COW?[edit]

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Community Owned Workflows (COW) provides a forum for sharing your digital preservation workflows with others in the digipres community. We can learn a lot from each other by sharing our workflows, discussing what tools are used and why, understanding the context behind our workflows, and what challenges and issues they have addressed. So please explore this site, and consider sharing your own workflow!

COW is hosted on the COPTR Wiki, where more information can be found on this site and it's supporters.

Abrdn Digital Preservation Workflowabrdn
Appraise email and other large, unstructured text collectionsUniversity of Illinois
Archival Forensics workflow (storage media deposit)Archives and Special Collections (ASC), University of Glasgow
Archiving outputs of 3D scanningComputational Archaeology Lab, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Assessing informationSEADDA community of archaeologists and digital specialists
Browsertrix-crawler WorkflowUK Government Web Archive
Cloud-based preservation and access workflow for MXF and MPG videoWellcome Collection
Creating a SIP from content downloaded from OneDrive (or other Cloud based source)Modern Records Centre, University of Warwick
Deaccessioning dataSEADDA community of archaeologists and digital specialists
Deciding what appoach to use for web resources deposited with the archiveUniversity of Edinburgh, Centre for Research Collections
Digital Preservation Workflow OverviewNational Library of Scotland
Digital archiving workflow (high-level)Archives & Special Collections (ASC), University of Glasgow
Extraction from the Pure Research Information System and transformation for loading by ArchivematicaLancaster University
Flashback project - optical media imaging workflowBritish Library
How to preserve your 3D data with the French National 3D Repository?Consortium "3D for Humanities"
Ingest and AIP creationUniveristy of Sussex Library Special Collections
Ingesting assets and associated metadata into PreservicaCanadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21
LAC Pre-Ingest WorkflowLibrary and Archives Canada
Life Cycle of 3D Data for Cultural HeritageConsortium "3D for Humanities"
Long Term Archiving at the CINESConsortium "3D for Humanities"
Nimbie-based, high volume optical disc workflowNew York Public Library
OVP migration flowLa Digitalizadora de la Memoria Colectiva
PDF/A validation and metadata extractionDigital Preservation Coalition
Preserving Access databasesSEADDA community of archaeologists and digital specialists
Providing access to born digital materialThe Postal Museum
Quality Assurance: Iterative Seed Issue Decision TreeLibrary of Congress
Responding to integrity errorsThe Postal Museum
Validation Error Analysis and Treatment for PDF-hul 122 Invalid destination - Destination NULLTIB
Validation Error Analysis and Treatment for PDF-hul 133 Invalid dateTIB
Watch Folder IngestLa Digitalizadora de la Memoria Colectiva
Web Archiving Capture Assessment Response Processing WorkflowLibrary of Congress
Web Archiving Quality Assurance (QA) WorkflowThe National Archives (UK), UK Government Web Archive
Web Archiving Quality Assurance LifecycleLibrary of Congress
Workflow for ingesting digitized books into a digital archiveUniversitätsbibliothek Bern
Workflow for ingesting internally-generated materialHistoric England
Workflow for preserving research data using Archivematica, Fedora, Hydra and PUREUniversity of York