Workflow:Assessing information

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Assessing information
Input:Submitted datasets.
Output:Assessed datasets. This workflow is part of the curation to ensure FAIR datasets within a Trusted Digital Repository
Organisation:SEADDA community of archaeologists and digital specialists

Workflow Description[edit]

Textual description

A member of staff runs through a checklist to ensure that:

  • The dataset confirms to the collection policy of the repository
  • Data deposit contains no malware (all files).
  • Digital objects are in correct formats (all files).
  • Data deposit has collection-level metadata.
  • All digital objects have core descriptive metadata (all files).
  • Digital objects have additional technical metadata (all files).
  • Digital objects can be opened, are valid, and can be reused (all files, representative sample for large datasets) .
  • The data deposit has no sensitive data concerns (all files, representative sample for large datasets).
  • Content is appropriate and complete (all files, representative sample for large datasets).
  • The dataset is structured in a manner which is clear for the purposes of reusing data.

Purpose, Context and Content[edit]

Within the SEADDA consortium, workflows for dealing with assessing information were examined from three long standing digital repositories for archaeological data: the Archaeology Data Station of Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS), the Swedish National Data Service (SND), and the Archaeology Data Service (ADS).


Further Information[edit]

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