Workflow:Ingesting assets and associated metadata into Preservica

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Ingesting assets and associated metadata into Preservica
Input:Digital assets include digital images (born-digital and digitized), oral histories (audio, video, and unedited content), and written stories (born-digital documents and scanned images).
Output:Preservation and Access copies of each asset are packaged together and ingested, using the Preservica data model and custom OPEX scripts.
Organisation:Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21

Workflow Description[edit]

Preservica Ingest at CMIP21

Purpose, Context and Content[edit]

The digital collection at the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 contains almost 70TB of AV, images and digital items. This workflow was developed to transfer our preservation and access copies from NAS and LTO tape storage to a digital preservation system, namely Preservica.


This is version 1 of our general Preservica ingest workflow. Future iterations will look in more detail at specific assets types, and address slight differences in the ingest workflows between AV and Images, for examples.

Further Information[edit]

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