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Content definition: Tools that support the creation or editing of metadata

Tools for this content type

7train XSLT 2.0 tool for generating METS files from XML input X
ALTAG3D An open source archive software XXXX
ArchivesSpace ArchivesSpace is the next-generation web-based archives information management system, designed by archivists and supported by diverse archival repositories. XX
Archivists' Toolkit An open source archival data management system to provide broad, integrated support for the management of archives X
BnL Mets Exporter Command Line Interface (CLI) to export METS/ALTO documents to other formats. X
Bnlviewer METS / ALTO viewer written in Java and Javascript
CND3D Store, Preserve and publish 3D objects produced in Digital Humanities Research XX
Curator's Workbench Curator's Workbench is a tool that automates and streamlines the process of preparing collections of digital materials for submission to a repository X
DFG Viewer Browser-based viewer for digital objects X
DiPS (Digital Preservation Solution) DiPS (OAIS compliant Digital Preservation Solution) XXXXXXX
Docuteam packer Creates and edits SIPs XXXX
Docworks Document digitization workflow software XXXX
EchoDep Hub and Spoke Framework Tool Suite Tool suite to manage digital content in multiple repository systems. X
Fq Tool, language and decoders for working with binary data. XXXXX
Goobi Workflow Management Tool XXXXX
Greenstone A suite of software for building and distributing digital library collections XX
KoLibRI (Kopal Library for Retrieval and Ingest) The kopal Library for Retrieval and Ingest (koLibRI) represents a library of Java tools that have been developed for the interaction with the DIAS system of IBM within the kopal project. X
METS API The METS API is a Java API designed to aid developers in the processing and assembly of METS Documents. X
METS Navigator METS-based system for displaying and navigating sets of page images or other multi-part digital objects. XX
METSFlask A web application for human-friendly exploration of Archivematica METS files X
Namalysator Tool for METS/ALTO validation and quality control XX
NumaHOP Platform for digitization projects management XXX
OpenRefine For dealing with messy data, cleaning it and transforming it X
OpenWMS (Workflow Management System for Digital Objects) The OpenWMS is a platform-independent, open source, web-accessible system that can be used as a standalone application or integrated with other repository architectures by a wide range of organizations. X
PREMIS Utility The PREMIS Utility is a graphical program used to generate PREMIS metadata records for use in digital preservation systems and digital asset management systems in JSON and XML format, and attempts to cover gaps not programmatically generated by system logs. X
PiM (PREMIS in METS) Toolbox PREMIS in METS Toolbox was developed to support the implementation of PREMIS in the METS container format. XX
Pre-Ingest Tool A tool for generating an OAIS SIP for digital preservation. It produces METS document that contains metadata for digital preservation. XX
Rescarta The ResCarta Tools software empowers users to create non-proprietary digital objects with LOC standard METS, MODS, MIX and AudioMD metadata from existing TIFF, JPEG, PDF and WAV data through user-friendly interfaces. XX
SobekCM METS Editor Creation of METS documents from a folder of items with bibliographic metadata. X
Veridian Online search, discovery, and display of digitized newspaper collections X
XMLstarlet A set of command line utilities (tools) to transform, query, validate, and edit XML documents and files X