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Document digitization workflow software
Input Formats:TIFF, JP2, JPEG, GIF, PDF
Output Formats:ALTO (Analyzed Layout and Text Object), METS (Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard), PDF, PDF/A, EPUB
Function:OCR,Quality Assurance,Workflow
Content type:Image,Metadata


docWorks helps archives and content owners to convert their print holdings into professional digital libraries. This process consists of two steps: the digitization, i.e. the scanning of the printed page, and the conversion, i.e. the recognition of all contained text, image, layout and structural information.

docWorks is a conversion software that covers all conversion steps in a single workflow. It provides layout analysis and offers multiple OCR engines to handle any type of publication, language or writing system.

Import formats are TIF, JPG, JP2, GIF and PDF and you can export METS and ALTO XML, image files, PDF, PDF/A-1, full-text XML, RTF and EPUB. Metadata schemes are MIX, MARC, MODS, DC, METS physical structural maps and METS logical structural maps.

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