DiPS (Digital Preservation Solution)

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DiPS (Digital Preservation Solution)
DiPS (OAIS compliant Digital Preservation Solution)
Platforms:Linux and Windows as well as the common database systems
Language:Java 8 / 11
Input Formats:e.g. XML, XDOMEA, XPSR
Output Formats:e.g. XML, XDOMEA, PREMIS
Function:Access,Active Data Storage,File Format Identification,File Format Migration,File Management,Metadata Extraction,Preservation System,Secure Deletion,Service,Storage,Transfer,Validation,Workflow
Content type:Audio,Binary Data,Container,Document,Image,Metadata,Video


DiPS is an OAIS compliant long-term archive solution based on the ECM systems from SER Group (sergroup.com). The long-term data is stored as XMLs within the AIPs and managed in the ECM index management. It uses PREMIS to store technical object information (format information, hash values, file sizes, etc.), events (pre-ingest, ingest, conversions, etc.), agents (natural persons and systems) and relationships between objects. The preservation metadata is acquired both from internal mechanisms and from external sources. Due to the extensive use of Java and standardized APIs it can be extended and customized in many ways.

Furthermore the system is based on:

  • DROID and custom developments for format recognition
  • JHOVE and a number of custom modules for format validation
  • Custom development and free tools (including ffmpeg/ffprobe) for metadata extraction from content objects
  • Custom development and free tools for format conversion


The primary focus are (long-term) archives but the solution can also be used in other environments with appropriate extensions (e.g. Geographic Information Systems). For example, it is offered as a service in the digital archive network "DiPS.kommunal" in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany (danrw.de / details).