Binary Data

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Content definition: Tools that support the preservation of data in a "raw", unstructured or binary form.

Tools for this content type

Bless Bless is a high quality, full featured hex editor. X
CyberChef A forensic tool with workflow capabilities to analyse files and containers XXXXX
DART (Digital Archivist's Resource Tool) Provides both a GUI and a command-line interface for packaging files and uploading them to remote repositories. XXXX
DNS DNS - DA NRW Software Suite XXX
DiPS (Digital Preservation Solution) DiPS (OAIS compliant Digital Preservation Solution) XXXXXXX
DiscMaster Website to browse and search vintage computer files from X
Fq Tool, language and decoders for working with binary data. XXXXX
Hex Workshop The Hex Workshop Hex Editor by BreakPoint Software is a complete set of hexadecimal development tools for Microsoft Windows 2000 and later. X
UniConvertor a Universal vector graphics format translator X
WxHexEditor A free hex editor / disk editor X
Yara YARA is a tool that allows the identification of files that match user-defined textual or binary patterns XX