File Management

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Function definition: Tools that support general file management activities such as viewing or renaming
Lifecycle stage: Preservation Action,Store

Tools for this function

ADIGRESADIGRES is a powerful cross-platform Document Management System written in Java.
ALTAG3DAn open source archive software
Advanced RenamerAdvanced Renamer is a program for renaming multiple files and folders at once. By configuring renaming methods the names can be manipulated in various ways.
ArchiFiltreOverview of folder trees with fine diagrams
AudacityThe open source audio editor
AvccAVCC is an open source application that enables collaborative, efficient item-level cataloging of audiovisual collections.
BAT: BnfArcToolsBAT is a Perl package for processing Internet Archive ARC, DAT and CDX file format.
BitCuratorThe BitCurator Environment is an Ubuntu Linux distribution geared to the needs of archivists and librarians. It includes a suite of open source digital forensics and data analysis tools to help collecting institutions process born-digital materials.
Bulk Rename UtilityBulk Rename Utility is a free file renaming software for Windows. Bulk Rename Utility allows you to easily rename files and entire folders based upon extremely flexible criteria.
CyberChefA forensic tool with workflow capabilities to analyse files and containers
CzkawkaCzkawka is a simple, fast and free app to remove unnecessary files from your computer.
DART (Digital Archivist's Resource Tool)Provides both a GUI and a command-line interface for packaging files and uploading them to remote repositories.
Dcfldddcfldd is an enhanced version of GNU dd with features useful for forensics and security.
DetoxThe detox utility renames files to make them easier to work with under Unix and Unix-like operating systems.
DiPS (Digital Preservation Solution)DiPS (OAIS compliant Digital Preservation Solution)
Directory List & PrintA universal metadata extractor
DiskViewDiskView shows you a graphical map of your disk, allowing you to determine where a file is located or, by clicking on a cluster, seeing which file occupies it.
Docuteam packerCreates and edits SIPs
Double CommanderOpen source file manager with two panels side by side
EmailchemyConverts proprietary emails to standard portable formats
Explore2fsExplore2fs is a GUI explorer tool for accessing ext2 and ext3 filesystems.
File Analyzer and Metadata Harvester V2The File Analyzer is a general purpose desktop (and command line) tool designed to automate simple, file-based operations. The File Analyzer assembles a toolkit of tasks a user can perform. The tasks that have been written into the File Analyzer code base have been optimized for use by libraries, archives, and other cultural heritage institutions.
Free Video Cutter JoinerIt cuts and joins video streams without altering the codecs.
FreeCommanderSplit-screen file manager with desirable extras
FslintSet of utilities to find and clean various forms of lint on a filesystem, such as duplicate files, empty directories, and bad file names.
Java library implementing PairtreeThe PAIRTREE LIBRARY is a software library that supports the mapping between identifiers and filepaths according to the Pairtree Specification.
Library (xklb)Media indexing multi-tool
MailStore HomeUnifies your private emails into one searchable, platform-independent repository
Package HandlerView, create, edit, and validate Swiss archival packages
RE (Rename Expert)Controlled renaming of file collections
ReACT (Resource Audit and Comparison Tool)A file audit and comparison tool using Microsoft Excel and VBA.
ReNamerReNamer is a very powerful and flexible file renaming tool.
Remove Empty DirectoriesRemoves empty directories
TeraCopyPerforms file copying, whilst also logging and verifying accuracy and completeness by using checksums
The RenameBulk renaming of files
TreeTree displays the directory structure of a path or of the disk in a drive graphically.
TreeSizeManage disk space and scan your hard disks.
VRenamervRenamer is a cross platform tool for batch renaming files
Warc-proxyWarc-proxy is a simple tool to view WARC content in Firefox
WarcManagerThe WARC Manager is a web-based UI for managing and querying collections of web crawl data.
WinMergeA visual tool for differencing and merging of file collections, images and texts.