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Function definition: Tools that support transfer of packaged digital resources from one organization to another.
Lifecycle stage: Create or Receive (Acquire)

Tools for this function

7-Zip7-Zip is a file archiver with a high compression ratio, and encryption and fixity check capabilities
ANTS (Archives Network Transfer System)ANTS runs on a Windows desktop and is designed to package digital records with contextual metadata and transfer them to an institutional archives.
BaggerGUI application to facilitate the creation and verification of BagIt bags.
DART (Digital Archivist's Resource Tool)Provides both a GUI and a command-line interface for packaging files and uploading them to remote repositories.
DIMAG IngestListAccompanies ingest process from donor to archive, logs process steps.
DiPS (Digital Preservation Solution)DiPS (OAIS compliant Digital Preservation Solution)
Duke Data AccessionerData Accessioner provides a graphical user interface to aid in migrating data from physical media to a dedicated file server, documenting the process and using MD5 checksums to identify any errors introduced in transfer.
ExactlyPacks data in BagIt bags and transfers them to/from remote location via FTP, SFTP
FCIVGenerates and compares MD5 values stored in an XML file.
MailExtractExtract Emails from many kinds of Mailbox formats
Micr'OlonysMicr’Olonys is the software solution for long-term passive digital archiving on film and paper.
RODA-InThe tool creates SIPs from files and folders available on the local file system.
SafeMoverPython tool to support the overtly "safe" copying of files from one location to another. Uses fixity, and OS file system metadata.
TeraCopyPerforms file copying, whilst also logging and verifying accuracy and completeness by using checksums
UnArchiverUnArchiver is a native macOS utility which supports infinitely more archive formats then other common archiving utilities.
VeraCryptSecurely encrypts large amounts of files