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Function definition: Tools that facilitate access to digital data by users.
Lifecycle stage: Access, Use and Reuse

Tools for this function

3DHOP (3D Heritage Online Presenter)3DHOP is an open-source JavaScript framework for the visualization of 3D models in a standard web page.
ADIGRESADIGRES is a powerful cross-platform Document Management System written in Java.
ArchivesSpaceArchivesSpace is the next-generation web-based archives information management system, designed by archivists and supported by diverse archival repositories.
ArchonArchon automatically publishes archival descriptive information and digital archival objects in a user-friendly website.
AudiAnnotateTo make audio and its interpretations more discoverable and usable by extending the use of the newest IIIF (International Image Interoperability Framework) standard for audio with the development of the AudiAnnotate web application, documented workflows and workshops that will facilitate the use of existing best-of-breed, open source tools for audio annotation (Sonic Visualiser), for public code and document repositories (GitHub), and audio presentation (Universal Viewer) to produce, publish, and sustain shareable W3C Web Annotations for individual and collaborative audio projects.
CollectiveAccessCollectiveAccess is web-based software to catalogue, manage, and publish museum and archival collections.
DArcMailProcessing and access to email accounts
DFG ViewerBrowser-based viewer for digital objects
DIMAGA software suite supporting archives with preservation of digital information for eternity
DSpaceDSpace is an institutional repository system which enables easy deposit, preservation, and access for all types of digital content.
DbDIPviewFramework for packaging the database Representation Information and pre-configured user-friendly access. Different combinations of Content Data Objects are supported by an automated deployment mechanism. Enables access to the archived databases in the archive reading room for non-technical users.
DiPS (Digital Preservation Solution)DiPS (OAIS compliant Digital Preservation Solution)
Djatokadjatoka is open source Java software that builds upon a rich set of APIs and libraries to provide a service framework for the dynamic dissemination of JPEG 2000 image files.
EPADDePADD is a software package developed by Stanford University's Special Collections & University Archives that supports archival processes around the appraisal, ingest, processing, discovery, and delivery of email archives.
EPrintsEPrints is an open access digital repository software, which is intended to create a highly configurable web-based repository.
FqTool, language and decoders for working with binary data.
GreenstoneA suite of software for building and distributing digital library collections
IIIF (International Image Interoperability Framework)A set of APIs, tools and protocols for manipulating and providing interoperable access to digital images
IIPImageIIPImage is an advanced high-performance imaging server and client for web-based streamed remote visualization of ultra resolution scientific imagery.
IN-SPIRE Visual Document AnalysisIN-SPIRE Visual Document Analysis is powerful information visualization software developed by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.
InBoxerInBoxer is a next generation email archiving, IM archiving, e-discovery, and policy management system.
LOCKSS (Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe)LOCKSS software allows libraries to create preserved digital collections out of materials that would otherwise be accessible only through a licensed academic subscription.
LeafletOpen-source JavaScript library for building interactive maps (OpenStreetMap)
Levels of Born-Digital AccessA tiered set of recommendations that help guide organizations in the planning and implementation of born-digital access provisions.
Library of Congress Newspaper ViewerThe Library of Congress Newspaper Viewer is a web application used to ingest and view digitized newspaper pages meeting the National Digital Newspaper Program specification.
METSFlaskA web application for human-friendly exploration of Archivematica METS files
MPP ViewerMPP Viewer is a viewer for Microsoft Project files
Micr'OlonysMicr’Olonys is the software solution for long-term passive digital archiving on film and paper.
MinkChrome extension that uses Memento to indicate that a page a user is viewing on the live web has an archived copy and to give the user access to the copy
Oldweb.todayAn open source tool for accessing and exploring web archives through emulated legacy browsers.
OmekaOmeka is a free open source web-publishing platform for the display of library, museum, archives, and scholarly collections and exhibitions.
PotreeA free open-source WebGL based point cloud renderer for large point clouds.
QGISQGIS is a Free and Open Source GIS application that supports a wide range of raster and vector spatial data types.
RecollectionRecollections is a free open source platform for generating and customizing views (interactive maps, timelines, facets, tag clouds) that allow scholars, librarians, and curators to explore digital collection.
RescartaThe ResCarta Tools software empowers users to create non-proprietary digital objects with LOC standard METS, MODS, MIX and AudioMD metadata from existing TIFF, JPEG, PDF and WAV data through user-friendly interfaces.
RosettaEx Libris Rosetta enables institutions to preserve and provide access to the collections in their care.
SIARDexcerptSIARDexcerpt is a Java-based application that searches and extracts individual records of SIARD files.
Simile ExhibitExhibit lets you easily create web pages with advanced text search and filtering functionalities, with interactive maps, timelines, and other visualizations.
Smithsonian VoyagerOpen source 3D explorer and authoring tool suite with a 3D viewer web component to be used for dissemination of 3D data.
SobekCMSobekCM is a digital repository and digital scholarship/publishing system which enables easy deposit, preservation, and access for all types of digital content, tailored to the needs of galleries, libraries, archives, museums, scholars, and researchers.
TweetSetsTweetSets provides a web interface that allows users to (1) select from existing datasets; (2) limit the dataset by querying on keywords, hashtags, and other parameters; (3) generate and download dataset derivatives such as the list of tweet ids and mention nodes/edges.
VoyeurVoyeur is a web-based text analysis environment that can use texts in a variety of formats, from different locations to perform lexical analysis, export data to other tools, and embed live tools into remote websites.
WERA (Web ARchive Access)WERA (Web ARchive Access) is a freely available solution for searching and navigating archived web document collections.
Wayback MachineThe Wayback Machine is a powerful search and discovery tool for use with collections of Web site "snapshots" collected through Web harvesting, usually with Heritrix (ARC or WARC files).
Web Recorder PlayerA tool that replays WARC files on your local computer.
WordHoardWordHoard is an application for the close reading and scholarly analysis of deeply tagged texts.