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Content definition: Tools that support the preservation of video data that typically combines frame based moving images with an audio soundtrack.

Tools for this content type

AudiAnnotate To make audio and its interpretations more discoverable and usable by extending the use of the newest IIIF (International Image Interoperability Framework) standard for audio with the development of the AudiAnnotate web application, documented workflows and workshops that will facilitate the use of existing best-of-breed, open source tools for audio annotation (Sonic Visualiser), for public code and document repositories (GitHub), and audio presentation (Universal Viewer) to produce, publish, and sustain shareable W3C Web Annotations for individual and collaborative audio projects. XXXXX
Audio/Video to WAV Converter This tool converts audio and video files to WAV format. X
Avcc AVCC is an open source application that enables collaborative, efficient item-level cataloging of audiovisual collections. XX
Catalyst Catalyst is a solution for the creation of better inventories and the management of digitization workflows.
Clipper Clipper is a free open-source web application enabling researchers to create and share virtual-clips without altering the original media files X
Cost of Inaction Calculator A calculator to analyze the Cost of Inaction of not digitizing/preserving audiovisual assets X
DNS DNS - DA NRW Software Suite XXX
DV Analyzer DV Analyzer is a technical quality control and reporting tool that examines DV streams in order to report errors in the tape-to-file transfer process. XX
DVRescue DVRescue is archivist-made software that supports data migration from DV tapes into digital files suitable for long-term preservation. XX
DiPS (Digital Preservation Solution) DiPS (OAIS compliant Digital Preservation Solution) XXXXXXX
DiscMaster Website to browse and search vintage computer files from X
EmbARC internal file metadata management including embedding and validation XX
ExifTool Properties extraction, identification, metadata editing XXX
FFAStrans Task automation engine, mostly used in audio and video visual content management. XXXX
FFmpeg FFmpeg is a complete, cross-platform solution to record, convert and stream audio and video. X
Filestar Universal file converter for 900+ file types. XXX
Free Video Cutter Joiner It cuts and joins video streams without altering the codecs. XXXXX
GetID3() Extracts technical and embedded descriptive metadata from common multimedia file formats. XX
HandBrake Converts video data into widely accepted formats. X
IsoBuster Recover data from CD, DVD, BD, HDD, Flash drive, USB stick, media card, SD and SSD. X
Libsafe libsafe allows the organizations to create a full OAIS compliant Archive, including active and passive digital preservation workflows and is particularly suited for master image files of digitizing processes. X
Lossless Cut LosslessCut is a video editing application
MPlayerRR A movie player that runs on many systems, supports a wide range of formats and supports a wide range of output drivers X
Mdqc Tool for managing and comparing digital asset metadata XXX
MediaConch MediaConch is a file validation software. XX
MediaInfo Supplies technical and tag information about a video or audio file. XX
Metadata++ Freeware tool to view, edit, modify, extract, copy metadata of various formats. XX
Metadata2Go Web-based EXIF data viewer XX
NARA Video Frame Analyzer NARA Video Frame Analyzer analyzes technical properties of individual frames of a video file in order to detect quality issues within digitized video files. XXX
Open Video Converter This tool is for video conversion, splitting and editing. X
Paranoia "Use your CDROM drive to read audio tracks.... and have it actually work right!" X
Python DPX validator A lightweight DPX file format validator. X
QCTools Digitized analog video analysis XX
The Open Video Digital Library Toolkit The Open Video Digital Library Toolkit project is intended to provide museums, libraries and other institutions holding moving image collections tools to more easily create Web-based digital video libraries. X
TubeKit TubeKit is a toolkit for creating YouTube crawlers. X
Unstoppable Copier Attempts to recover every readable piece of a file and puts the pieces together. X
VLC Media Player Cross platform audio and video player based primarily on the libavcodec. X
XMediaRecode A GUI platform for video conversion and cutting. X
YT-DLP (You Tube Download P) Supports download of youtube videos, based on the now defunct YT-DL X