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Content definition: Tools that support the preservation of structured information created in a DBMS (Database Management System), otherwise known as a database.

Tools for this content type

AccessToSiard A collection of scripts to automatically convert MS Access files to the SIARD format. X
CHRONOS Database Retirement, Partial and Ongoing Database Archiving, Application Retirement. X
CSV export form for Microsoft Access A Microsoft Access form to export all database tables to interoperable CSV files. X
CSV2SIARD A tool to create SIARD containers from CSV files. X
DANS DBF DANS DBF Library is a Java library for reading and writing xBase database files. X
DANS MIXED Migration to Intermediate XML for Electronic Data. X
DBeaver Multi-platform database tool that supports migration and data management X
Db-preservation-toolkit Enables conversion between database formats or dumping from live database systems for the purposes of preservation. X
DbDIPview Framework for packaging the database Representation Information and pre-configured user-friendly access. Different combinations of Content Data Objects are supported by an automated deployment mechanism. Enables access to the archived databases in the archive reading room for non-technical users. XXXX
DeepArc Intended for preserving web sites from the back-end, this is a database-to-XML curation tool. XX
Ingestr ingestr is a command-line application that allows ingesting or copying data from any source into any destination database. XX
KOST-Val KOST-Val is an open source validator for different file formats and Submission Information Package (SIP). XX
MDB/ACCDB Viewer MDB Viewer opens Microsoft Access 1997-2013 databases on your Macintosh, and views and exports all tables in Access databases. X
MIXED (Migration to Intermediate XML for Electronic Data) MIXED (Migration to Intermediate XML for Electronic Data) is a web service that converts tabular data files such as spreadsheets and databases to the Standard Data Format for Preservation (SDFP), a supplier-independent XML format. X
NESSTAR Nesstar suite is an online publishing platform for organisations wishing to share datasets both internally and with the wider web. XX
RODA DBML Migrates databases to an XML schema, DBML. Can then provide access by dumping DBML to MySQL and showing it in phpMyAdmin. X
SIARD Suite SIARD Suite is a freeware tool for the conversion of contents of relations databases into the SIARD format. X
SIARD-VAL SIARD-Val is an open source validator for SIARD files. XX
SIARDexcerpt SIARDexcerpt is a Java-based application that searches and extracts individual records of SIARD files. XXX
XArch XArch is an archive management system that allows one to create, populate, and query archives of multiple database versions. X