CSV export form for Microsoft Access

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A Microsoft Access form to export all database tables to interoperable CSV files.
Platforms:Microsoft Windows
Language:English; Dutch
Input Formats:ACCDB, MDB, XLS
Output Formats:CSV (Comma Separated Values)
Function:File Format Migration
Content type:Database,Spreadsheet
Appears in COW:Preserving Access databases

Screenshot of the Access form in use


Directly exporting a data table from Microsoft Access to CSV often results in incorrect handling of certain values such as dates, integers with separators, memo fields and such. This tool consists of an Access database in MDB format which contains a single Form, which can be used to easily select and export all tables within the database to standardized CSV files, keeping all of the values intact.

The form can be copied from this MDB into another Access database, to use for exporting the tables from that database.

It is also possible to import an External data table or spreadsheet (such as an Excel sheet or a DBF file) into this database, then export that table to CSV.

Please take note of the fact that only the data tables are exported. If information on table attributes or table relations is present and needs to be retained, this information should be documented separately. Access provides the Database Tool 'Database Documenter' which can write this information into a PDF file.

When importing tables from spreadsheets, take note that the CSV exports will only keep the values from rows and columns and will not store characteristics such as coloring of cells, cell annotations or formulas.

Known issues and instructions how to resolve them are detailed in a readme file, provided with the tool.

This script was developed internally at DANS (Data Archiving and Networked Services), the Dutch national centre of expertise and repository for research data.