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DNS - DA NRW Software Suite
Source Code:https://github.com/da-nrw/DNSCore
License:free licence , open source
Platforms:server runs on linux and postgres DB, client runs on linux or windows
Language:java 8 or higher
Input Formats:METS (Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard), PREMIS, LIDO
Output Formats:METS (Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard), PREMIS, LIDO
Function:File Format Migration,Metadata Processing,Preservation System,Validation
Content type:Audio,Binary Data,Image,Video,text based


The DANRW-Software Suite(DNS) is a free and open-source project for a long-term preservation of digital data which contains of three part: the SIP-Builder which gives the posibility to generate a SIP for ingesting into the DNScore, the DNS-core which validate, migrate, archive and prepare for viewing the archived data in a portal. DNS relies exclusively on existing open source software components to implement a distributed, self-validating repository, allowing depositors a high degree of control over the methods applied to individual objects submitted for preservation and distribution. The two most distinctive features of DNSCore will be described below. The first big feature is the possibility for users to let the system automatically generate derivates of your material destined for long term preservation which are suited for online web presentation. The second big feature is the so called Delta-Feature. With deltas users can make additions to contents already present in the long term archive.


Digitales Archiv NRW (DANRW) www.danrw.de Archive for digital long-term preservation.

Functional notes[edit]

The DNS is OAIS compliant. The origin of the content could be digitized as well as born digital.

Stakeholder / Audience[edit]

  • archives
  • museums
  • libraries

User Experiences[edit]

Development activity[edit]

The first time it was released was in the year 2014. The newest release is #2167 which was which was released in june 2021. The DNS supports LIDO, METS/MODS, EAD and XMP as metada formats. During the treatment occurs a virus check, ingesting unpacking, format identification and validation. This operations will all be referenced in the PREMIS.


You can find our DNS in githubhttps://github.com/da-nrw/DNSCore For a more detailed description of the premis please look at Premis-Specification

An example file could be find here: METS-Example