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Content definition: Tools that support the preservation of email data.

Tools for this content type

Aid4Mail For migrating or normalizing email formats X
DArcMail Processing and access to email accounts XX
EPADD ePADD is a software package developed by Stanford University's Special Collections & University Archives that supports archival processes around the appraisal, ingest, processing, discovery, and delivery of email archives. XXXXX
Emailchemy Converts proprietary emails to standard portable formats XX
Filestar Universal file converter for 900+ file types. XXX
GFI MailArchiver GFI MailArchiver is an email archiving software that is the single solution source for your email management problems on Exchange Server. X
InBoxer InBoxer is a next generation email archiving, IM archiving, e-discovery, and policy management system. XXX
MailExtract Extract Emails from many kinds of Mailbox formats X
MailStore Home Unifies your private emails into one searchable, platform-independent repository XXXXX
Muse A tool used for personal archiving of email. X
Proofpoint Enterprise Archive Proofpoint Enterprise Archive is a SaaS email archiving solution that addresses three key challenges eDiscovery, regulatory compliance and email storage management without the headaches of managing archiving in-house. XXX
RATOM Review, Appraisal, and Triage of Mail (RATOM) is software to assist archives and other collecting organizations with email analysis, selection, and appraisal tasks XXXX
TOMES (Transforming Online Mail with Embedded Semantics) A package of open source tools for handling the preservation of government email records XXXX
WMDecode WMDecode is used for extracting files from winmail. X