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Processing and access to email accounts
License:MIT License (https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT)
Platforms:Windows, Mac OS, Linux
Wikidata ID:Q82723232
Function:Access,Appraisal,Data capture and Deposit
Content type:Email


The DArcMail application builds upon the functional core of the Collaborative Electronic Records Preservation (CERP) Parser. DArcMail delivers a broader range of features and functions and does so on the popular Python platform. In addition to preservation functionality, DArcMail supports appraisal, processing, and providing access to email accounts or large groups of related email messages. DArcMail’s design shrinks processing time and enables it to handle large email accounts on the three most popular operating systems:Windows, Mac OS, and Linux systems. It is developed by the Smithsonian Institution Archives (SIA) and maintained by the Archives plus a user community. DArcMail is python-based and works on a MySQL or SQLite database.

User Experiences[edit]

Reports on DArcMail have been produced by the Task Force on Technical Approaches for Email Archives in March 2018, at http://www.emailarchivestaskforce.org/documents/email-tools/ and by Harvard Library in 2016 at http://nrs.harvard.edu/urn-3:HUL.InstRepos:28682572.

Development Activity[edit]

DArcMail's last version is 1.2, released in March 2018.