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Content definition: Tools that support the preservation of spreadsheet data.

Tools for this content type

CSV Validator Validation of CSV files against user-defined schema X
CSV export form for Microsoft Access A Microsoft Access form to export all database tables to interoperable CSV files. X
Dependency Discovery Tool The Dependency Discovery Tool searches through binary office files (.doc, .xls and .ppt) and tries to find any documents or files that are linked to the document. X
Filestar Universal file converter for 900+ file types. XXX
Libreoffice An office suite with command line options for PDF/A conversions X
Lingfo Lingfo provides a library for developers to use to extract information from Microsoft Excel spreadsheet files. XXX
MIXED (Migration to Intermediate XML for Electronic Data) MIXED (Migration to Intermediate XML for Electronic Data) is a web service that converts tabular data files such as spreadsheets and databases to the Standard Data Format for Preservation (SDFP), a supplier-independent XML format. X
Officeparser.py officerparser.py is a python script that parses the format of OLE compound documents used by Microsoft Office applications. XX
Ssconvert ssconvert is a command line utility to convert spreadsheet files between various spreadsheet file formats. X
UKWA GSuite Add-On GSuite functions for people working with web archives. The functions use the Memento API (specifically the TimeGate) to look up whether a given archive holds a given URL. It currently supports checks against:
  • UK Web Archive
  • UK Government Web Archive
  • Internet Archive