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Content definition: Tools that support the preservation of data describing geographical or topographical features, typically referred to as Geospatial data.

Tools for this content type

Filestar Universal file converter for 900+ file types. XXX
Leaflet Open-source JavaScript library for building interactive maps (OpenStreetMap) X
QGIS QGIS is a Free and Open Source GIS application that supports a wide range of raster and vector spatial data types. XX
SPARQLing Unicorn QGIS Plugin Plugin for QGIS. Fetches data from Wikidata and other Linked Data SPARQL endpoints and adds a new layer in a QGIS project. Just insert a SPARQL query for Geo-Items and get a new vector layer into QGIS. XXX
USGS Formal metadata: information and software This page links to information and tools from the USGS. X

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Available tools for R programming language[edit]