ReACT (Resource Audit and Comparison Tool)

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A file audit and comparison tool using Microsoft Excel and VBA.
Function:File Management,Quality Assurance
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ReACT uses VBA macros within a Microsoft Excel environment to implement automated comparisons of files across folder and directory structures through a simple GUI. The tool was developed in a way that makes it adaptable to discreet differences within archival infrastructures, so that users can specify directories that they wish to compare and search these folders recursively. At the same time ReACT allows users to set matching parameters with the audit process, particularly file type. Once completed the results of the audit are viewed through a series of discrete datasheets which allow for straightforward comparison of files that have been Matched™ or those which are missing or have been mismatched.

User Experiences[edit]

More information about use of this tool on the Archaeology Data Service's blog:

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