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Media indexing multi-tool
Source Code:
License:BSD 3-Clause
Output Formats:DB
Function:File Management,Quality Assurance,Web Capture


Web Capture subcommands:

  • web-add: index open web directories using ffprobe and exifTool to fetch additional metadata from remote file headers (without downloading the full file) for later automated selective downloading.
  • tube-add: index video site metadata via yt-dlp
  • gallery-add: index image gallery site metadata via gallery-dl
  • extract-links: extract links from within a webpage, even if the page uses ShadowDOM, postMessage, and nested frames
  • links-add: build updatable link-scraping databases for paginated content

Local file management subcommands:

  • fs-add: index local files with ffprobe, exifTool, and textract
  • cluster-sort: sort lines of text by similarity (a common use for this is to identify similar file paths)
  • merge-folders: merge file trees (similar to rclone move but it will print detailed information about overwrites and trumps (future overwrites from multiple source folders) before moving anything)
  • relmv: move but preserve parent folder information
  • process-image: convert large images as scaled AVIF files as an alternative to file deletion
  • process-ffmpeg: convert large video/audio files to AV1/Opus as an alternative to file deletion

Quality Assurance subcommands:

  • media-check: check video and audio files for corruption by decoding small sections or the whole file

User Experiences[edit]

- Introducing webadd to the /r/opendirectories community