DROID (Digital Record Object Identification)

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DROID (Digital Record Object Identification) is a software tool developed to perform automated batch identification of file formats.
License:BSD License
Platforms:Java 6 Standard Edition
Input Formats:PREMIS (Preservation Metadata Implementation Strategies)
Function:File Format Identification,Metadata Extraction
Appears in COW:Abrdn Digital Preservation Workflow, Creating a SIP from content downloaded from OneDrive (or other Cloud based source), Digital archiving workflow (high-level), Ingest and AIP creation, LAC Pre-Ingest Workflow, Workflow for ingesting digitized books into a digital archive

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DROID (Digital Record Object Identification) is a software tool developed to perform automated batch identification of file formats. DROID is designed to meet the fundamental requirement of any digital repository to be able to identify the precise format of all stored digital objects, and to link that identification to a central registry of technical information about that format and its dependencies.

DROID uses the PRONOM signature files to perform format identification. Like PRONOM, it was developed by the National Archives of the UK. Written in Java, XML.


The format information held in PRONOM is what powers DROID (Digital Record Object Identification). Both are maintained by the UK's National Archives.

DROID downloads the latest signature files from PRONOM, and those are used to drive the identification process. See the PRONOM release notes.

A number of other tools and registries have been based around the PRONOM data. These include:

Although the information and website are made freely available under the Open Government License, the underlying software engine that powers PRONOM is proprietary.

The PRONOM Web API[edit]

The website is oriented towards manual browsing, but note that each PRONOM registry entry as a permalink, like this:


and furthermore, by appending '.xml' to the URL for any entry, the data can be recovered as XML:


User Experiences[edit]

Development Activity[edit]

All development activity is visible on GitHub: http://github.com/digital-preservation/droid/commits

Release Feed[edit]

Below the last 3 release feeds:

2024-06-16 20:03:44
[tag:github.com,2008:Repository/4737996/droid-6.8.0-RC3 6.8.0-RC3]
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2024-05-23 20:09:01
[tag:github.com,2008:Repository/4737996/droid-6.8.0-RC2 6.8.0-RC2]
by sparkhi
2024-05-16 13:54:30
[tag:github.com,2008:Repository/4737996/droid-6.8.0-RC1 6.8.0-RC1]
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Activity Feed[edit]

Below the last 5 commits:

2024-05-16 08:15:13
[tag:github.com,2008:Grit::Commit/3a7f5bff633341e28e6e0ee2bb66100a8e083fef Java 17 JRE bundled for the Windows build (#1108)]
by sparkhi https://github.com/sparkhi
2024-05-10 12:57:27
[tag:github.com,2008:Grit::Commit/0c72b1dced0783b97537c628c58e9eaebfdb92f7 Include new pronom signature files (#1103)]
by sparkhi https://github.com/sparkhi
2024-05-02 11:14:43
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2024-05-01 13:34:09
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2024-04-22 15:54:59
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About Formats[edit]

DROID do only read the format itself, not the spesification as such