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This widget allows you to add Ohloh Project Widgets to your wiki page.

It was created by Sergey Chernyshev.

It was copied from http://www.mediawikiwidgets.org/Widget:Ohloh_Project

To insert this widget, use the following code:

{{#widget:Ohloh Project|id=mediawiki-widgets|type=thin_badge}}


  • id is a number or string in project profile page URL
  • type is a one of the following:
    • users - users voting button
      • use optional style parameter to change the style of the voting button (gray, red, green, blue, rainbow)
    • thin_badge (default) - Thin Badge
    • partner_badge - Partner Badge
    • languages - Languages summary
    • cocomo - Cocomo cost summary
    • factoids - Project Factoids
    • basic_stats - Project Stats

Sample result

Voting button

{{#widget:Ohloh Project|id=mediawiki-widgets|type=users|style=rainbow}}

Thin Badge

{{#widget:Ohloh Project|id=mediawiki-widgets|type=thin_badge}}

Partner Badge

{{#widget:Ohloh Project|id=mediawiki-widgets|type=partner_badge}}

Languages summary

{{#widget:Ohloh Project|id=mediawiki-widgets|type=languages}}

Cocomo cost summary

{{#widget:Ohloh Project|id=mediawiki-widgets|type=cocomo}}

Project Factoids

{{#widget:Ohloh Project|id=mediawiki-widgets|type=factoids}}

Project Stats

{{#widget:Ohloh Project|id=mediawiki-widgets|type=basic_stats}}