SPARQLing Unicorn QGIS Plugin

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SPARQLing Unicorn QGIS Plugin
Plugin for QGIS. Fetches data from Wikidata and other Linked Data SPARQL endpoints and adds a new layer in a QGIS project. Just insert a SPARQL query for Geo-Items and get a new vector layer into QGIS.
Source Code:
Wikidata ID:Q71937877
Input Formats:SPARQL, GeoSPARQL
Output Formats:GeoJSON, RDF
Function:Data capture and Deposit,Discovery,File Format Migration,Web Capture
Content type:Geospatial


A QGIS plugin to enrich datasets by querying for linked (geo)data sources like Wikidata, GeoNames or DBpedia. The tool can also convert QGIS vector layers to RDF.

User Experiences[edit]