CSV (Comma Separated Values)

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CSV (Comma Separated Values)
File formats wiki:formats:CSV

Tools that have this format as input[edit]

CSV2SIARDA tool to create SIARD containers from CSV files.

Tools that have this format as output[edit]

MDB/ACCDB ViewerMDB Viewer opens Microsoft Access 1997-2013 databases on your Macintosh, and views and exports all tables in Access databases.
Optical-media-checkCollates information into a CSV from log files for a batch optical media rip
SFM (Social Feed Manager)Social Feed Manager is open source software that provides a web interface to enable users to harvest social media data and web resources from Twitter and other social media platforms.
TweetSetsTweetSets provides a web interface that allows users to (1) select from existing datasets; (2) limit the dataset by querying on keywords, hashtags, and other parameters; (3) generate and download dataset derivatives such as the list of tweet ids and mention nodes/edges.