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An open source archive software
Source Code:
License:GPL V2
Language:French, English
Input Formats:JPEG, PDF, PLY, PNG, TIFF, 3D
Output Formats:XML
Function:File Management,Metadata Extraction,Personal Archiving,Storage
Content type:3D,Metadata
Appears in COW:How to preserve your 3D data with the French National 3D Repository?, Long Term Archiving at the CINES

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2022-07-01 15:19:03
Change url for schema mdacst3d
Dans la génération du fichier mdacst3d.xml à la fin de la procédure, il faut remplacer dans la 2ème ligne du fichier généré pour la balise mdacst3D, les information pour la propriété xsi:schemaloca...
by Sarah Tournon
2022-04-11 14:51:46
aLTAG3D sous Linux et Mac
Ce serait chouette si aLTAG3D pouvait être disponible sur d'autres systèmes d'exploitation que Windows. Serait-il possible de générer un "exécutable" pour Linux (Ubuntu au moins s...
by Valentin Grimaud
2021-06-11 14:46:15
bug: perte du pan
Après avoir saisit des données dans les fiches, le pan n'est plus toujours dispo. Il faut appuyer sur MAJ pour le retrouver
by Bruno Dutailly
2020-01-10 14:42:56
Uniformiser les styles
Le style dark est définit avec des CSS contrairement aux autres. Du coup les autres styles ont des comportements bizarres. Cf #13. Code: cf fin du main().
by Bruno Dutailly
2018-06-27 14:59:34
Système de vignettes (récupération d’une des valeurs disponible dans les données d’une boîte pour l’afficher dans la boîte directement sur le graphe). La liste des relations boîtes-“donnée vignette...
by Bruno Dutailly



aLTAG3D ( A Long Term Archive Generator for 3D) is an open source software developped by the consortium "3D for Humanities" for the generation of long-term archive of 3D projects.


The main feature of aLTAG3D is generating a suitable archive for the CINES, which implies other features such as adding files in the archive and entering metadata at different levels. The archive thus produced is ready to be delivered to the CINES, without any added processing. Another important feature is to generate an information report on the archive, in PDF or HTML format, summarizing information collected via aLTAG3D.


Online Help

User Experiences

aLTAG3D is now fully operational. It is tested and approved by the Consortium "3D for Humanities" as a complete solution for generating 3D archives. Archives produced by aLTAG3D had been successfully accepted by the CINES.

The tool has been tested in 2016 during the PARTHENOS workshop which the aim to promote and contribute to best practices, especially in the sharing, publication and preservation of 3D data in order to promote their interoperability and sustainability.The workshop has been a good opportunity to submit the tool to a discerning public composed by 16 participants from 15 institutions in 9 countries with various profiles. On this occasion, some points for improvements have been made and corrected since.

Development activity