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Web: Create or Receive (Acquire)[edit]

Functions that support the DCC Lifecycle Stage defined as "Create data including administrative, descriptive, structural and technical metadata. Preservation metadata may also be added at the time of creation. Receive data, in accordance with documented collecting policies, from data creators, other archives, repositories or data centres, and if required assign appropriate metadata."

Archive-It X
ArchiveFacebook X
Brozzler X
DeepArc X
GNU Wget X
HTTrack X
Heritrix X
IMacros X
Khtml2png X
NetarchiveSuite X
NutchWAX X
PageVault X
Pearl Crescent Page Saver X
Screen-scraper XX
SiteStory X
Spadix software X
Storytracker X
Teleport X
The DeDuplicator (Heritrix add-on module) X
WARCreate XX
WAS (Web Archiving Service) X
WAXToolbar X
WCT (Web Curator Tool) X
WarcManager X
Warrick X
Wayback Machine X
Web Scraper Plus+ X
WebCite X
WebShot X
Webkit2png X
Webrecorder X
Xenu's Link Sleuth X
YT-DLP (You Tube Download P) X