Workflow and Lab Notebook Management

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Function definition: Tools that support the capture and management of research data as well as the details of the research activities which generated them.
Lifecycle stage: Create or Receive (Acquire)

Tools for this function

ArtivityA tool for capturing contextual data produced during the creative process of artists and designers while working on a computer.
CRunchcRunch provides an infrastructure for exploratory data analysis with the statistical programming language and environment R
KeplerKepler is a scientific workflow modelling and management system that enables users, regardless of programming experience, to set up data analysis pipelines.
LabTroveLabTrove is a blogging platform specifically designed for use in a research environment.
MyExperimentmyExperiment is an online social networking service aimed at scientific researchers; the site fosters collaboration by allowing members to share scientific workflows, experiment plans, and other digital objects.
TavernaTaverna is a scientific workflow management system designed to assemble, run, document and share sequences sequences of web services and scripts.