Smithsonian Cook

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Smithsonian Cook
Processing of 3D model, mesh, and texture data including the option to define custom processing workflows, where a set of files is processed by multiple tools.
Source Code:
License:Apache-2.0 License
Platforms:Windows 10 Professional and Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard
Function:File Format Migration,Metadata Extraction,Metadata Processing,Workflow,Rendering
Content type:3D


Tool for processing of 3D data. Supported tasks:

  • mesh decimation
  • creation of UV coordinates
  • map baking
  • file conversion

The Cook provides a simplified interface for about a dozen processing tools. With recipes, processing workflows can be defined for batch processing a set of files with multiple tools.

The Cook is implemented as a Node.js server and can be controlled via web API, a web user interface, or via command line tool.

Supported tools are listed on a dedicated documentation page.

User Experiences[edit]