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Function definition: Tools that support the removal of selected information from digital files. Typically used for removal of sensitive information like telephone or credit card numbers from personal archives before providing access to users.
Lifecycle stage: Preservation Action,Access, Use and Reuse,Dispose

Tools for this function

AudacityThe open source audio editor
DbDIPviewFramework for packaging the database Representation Information and pre-configured user-friendly access. Different combinations of Content Data Objects are supported by an automated deployment mechanism. Enables access to the archived databases in the archive reading room for non-technical users.
Free Video Cutter JoinerIt cuts and joins video streams without altering the codecs.
MRU-BlasterMRU-Blaster is a program made to do one large task - detect and clean MRU (most recently used) lists on your computer.
Microsoft Office 2003 Add-in: Word Redaction v1.2Use the Word 2003 Redaction Add-in to hide text within Microsoft Office Word 2003 documents.
Microsoft Office 2003/XP Add-in: Remove Hidden DataWith this add-in you can permanently remove hidden data and collaboration data, such as change tracking and comments, from Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint files.
PDFsamPDFsam splits and merges PDF files
RapidRedactThe RapidRedact product range provides fast, easy to use redaction tools for irreversibly blanking out (redacting) selected information, author's changes and hidden data from all electronic document types.
Redact-ItProvides Windows desktop and server redaction of PDF, Word, scanned TIFF images. Find, black out and remove content within documents, images or drawings.
RedaxRedax completely redacts (removes) text and graphics from the PDF page.