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Preservica is a complete OAIS Digital Preservation system available on the cloud (hosted in US, EU, CA or AUS) and on-premise. It is trusted by over 1000 organisations across 5 continents to preserve collections both large (>6Pb) and small (few 100kb).
Input Formats:PREMIS (Preservation Metadata Implementation Strategies)
Output Formats:PREMIS (Preservation Metadata Implementation Strategies)
Function:Preservation System,Service
Appears in COW:Ingesting assets and associated metadata into Preservica
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Preservica is available as a free Starter Edition or Professional and Enterprise Editions offering increasing levels of user control and power. Key features include:

  • Ingest: local tool to create SIPs and attach metadata and transfer to server; range of workflows to upload container files : ZIP files, DSpace, ContentDM or SharePoint exports, Outlook or Lotus Notes email files, or by taking a copy of a website; full QA of content plus running DROID and property extraction
  • Data Management: Edit metadata using whatever descriptive schema you want e.g. Dublin Core, METS, EAD, etc; sync with catalogs e.g. CALM or via OAI-PMH; delete content using approval workflow. Bulk metadata edit and reference metadata options available.
  • Administration: Create users, set roles, set access rules to content at fine grain; maintain transfer agreements; produce reports; sync with ActiveDirectory (on premise only)
  • Access: Browse, search and download files and records using powerful interface. Separate public access interface for content with appropriate permissions.
  • Storage: Large range of storage adapters including NAS / File Server, HSM, Centera, Atmos, S3, Glacier, SFTP; will manage multiple storage locations and copy to remote locations asynchronously; maintains metadata and index information; can set interval to check fixity
  • Active Preservation: over 600 migration pathways installed; performs bulk migrations using background workflows then verifies using comparison of properties.
  • API Access: All versions have an OAI-PMH data provider API and API for accessing metadata and content. Enterprise versions have a read/write REST API and a process control API.


  • Free Starter edition available hosted in the cloud
  • Professional versions available hosted in cloud in EC, US, Canada and Australia
  • Enterprise Private Cloud versions for running on a Preservica hosted and supported private cloud on AWS or Azure
  • Enterprise versions for install in your own data centre
  • Enterprise version allows development of complete solutions including your own workflows for all functions and a vast range of hosting options

User Experiences[edit]

Development Activity[edit]

Main release annually, around 4 minor releases per year

Latest 5.10 release information :