Organisational Audit

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Function definition: Tools that that enable an audit of an organisation's capability with respect to preservation, typically relating to a maturity model
Lifecycle stage: Preservation Planning

Tools for this function

CARDIOCARDIO is a benchmarking tool for data management strategy development
CTS (Core Trust Seal)CoreTrustSeal offers to any interested data repository, certification based on the DSA–WDS Core Trustworthy Data Repositories Requirements catalogue and procedures
DMAOnline (Data Management Administration Online)Provides a single dashboard view of how various departments contribute to RDM activities and how an institution is performing in terms of its compliance with policies
DPC RAM (Rapid Assessment Model)A maturity modelling tool that has been designed to enable rapid benchmarking of an organization's digital preservation capability.
DPCMM (Digital Preservation Capability Maturity Model)Maturity / gap analysis model for digital preservation
DRAMBORADRAMBORA offers a quantifiable insight into the severity of risks faced by repositories right now, and an effective means for reporting these.
Data Asset FrameworkThe Data Asset Framework (formerly the Data Audit Framework) provides organisations with the means to identify, locate, describe and assess how they are managing their research data assets.
Embedding Repositories Self-Assessment ToolEmbedding Repositories Self-Assessment Tool is comprised of a series of questions designed to quantify the degree that a digital repository is ‘embedded’ within its institution – the extent to which both the organisation's research and its administrative culture recognise the repository’s value and take full advantage of its capacity.
Levels of Born-Digital AccessA tiered set of recommendations that help guide organizations in the planning and implementation of born-digital access provisions.
NDSA Levels of PreservationThe "Levels of Digital Preservation" are a tiered set of recommendations for how organizations should begin to build or enhance their digital preservation activities.
OPD for RDMAn RDF based list of basic RDM infrastructure components to make this infrastructure more visible and easier to identify
RMCASRMCAS is an assessment tool for organisations wishing to map their current records management infrastructure against community best-practice.