DMAOnline (Data Management Administration Online)

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Provides a single dashboard view of how various departments contribute to RDM activities and how an institution is performing in terms of its compliance with policies
Platforms:Web based, PostgreSQL, Javascript
Function:Data Management Planning,Organisational Audit,Planning
Content type:Research Data


From the website for the Jisc project that is developing the tool: "DMAOnline will provide a dashboard solution that can harvest data from various sources, including RIM/CRIS systems, repositories (EPrints, DSpace, Hydra), IT services storage space allocation, DMP creation statistics (per month/year, per faculty/department, per funding council), typical dataset sizes (per faculty/department), internal vs external repository usage, etc. This solution has the potential to scale very well and solve multiple real-life use cases while providing a factual way of creating and establishing on going business cases for RDM."

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