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An e-book management tool, including viewer, migration, and file conversion features among others.
License:GNU GPL v3
Platforms:Linux, Mac OS X, Windows
Input Formats:EPUB, PDF
Output Formats:EPUB, PDF
Function:File Format Migration,Rendering
Content type:Document,EBook

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calibre is a free and open source, primarily based in Python, and a cross-platform e-book library management application. The website boasts a number of features including: library management, e-book conversion, syncing to e-book reader devices, the ability to download news from the web and converting it into e-book form, a comprehensive e-book viewer, content server for online access to e-book collection, and an e-book editor for major e-book formats.


calibre runs on Linux, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Documentation and User Support[edit]

The webpage links to a user manual, available here. Their support also includes a list of Frequently Asked Questions, helpful tips and tricks in their blog, and a forum among other resources.

User Experiences[edit]

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Development Activity[edit]

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