Smithsonian Voyager

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Smithsonian Voyager
Open source 3D explorer and authoring tool suite with a 3D viewer web component to be used for dissemination of 3D data.
Source Code:
Platforms:Linux (tested on Ubuntu server 18.04)
Input Formats:SVX
Content type:3D


With Smithsonian Voyager 3D data kept in a digital archive can be disseminated, i.e. directly viewed online.

Smithsonian Voyager comes with a set of tools for 3D:

  • Voyager Story - quality control, authoring of presentations, annotations, articles, tours
  • Voyager Explorer - feature-rich 3D viewer component
  • Voyager Mini - bare-bone 3D viewer component, optimized for size and loading speed

It requires data in a dedicated format: SVX; While the format is modelled upon glTF, it is an individual format.

User Experiences[edit]