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The tool creates SIPs from files and folders available on the local file system.
Source Code:
License:LGPL-3.0 license
Platforms:Windows, macOS, Linux


RODA-in is a tool specially designed for producers and archivists to create Submission Information Packages (SIP) ready to be submitted to an Open Archival Information System (OAIS).

The tool includes features such as:

  • Create, load and edit classification schemas
  • Automatic association of files/folders to SIP
  • Automatic association of metadata to SIP
  • Definition of metadata templates
  • Support for various metadata formats (EAD, DC, etc.)
  • Creation of SIP of unlimited size
  • Creation of SIP in various formats: BagIt and E-ARK

RODA-in supports several Submission Information Package formats. At the moment we have included support for:

  • BagIt, a hierarchical file packaging format for storage and transfer of arbitrary digital content. A “bag” has just enough structure to enclose descriptive “tags” and a “payload” but does not require knowledge of the payload’s internal semantics. This BagIt format should be suitable for disk-based or network-based storage and transfer. BagIt is widely used in the practice of digital preservation. The specification of BagIt can be found here.
  • E-ARK SIP format, a Submission Information Package format developed by the EU funded E-ARK Project. The specification can be found here

Development Activity[edit]

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