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Function definition: Tools that support the development and management of digital preservation policy.
Lifecycle stage: Preservation Planning

Tools for this function

Catalogue of Policy ElementsSupports creation of new preservation policies as well as planning and watch activities.
Digital Preservation Management Tools and TechniquesA toolset for developing standards compliant digital preservation management documentation on an array of topics
Digital Preservation Policy FrameworkA Policy Framework template to help organizations develop a high-level policy document that explicitly states the scope, purpose, objectives, operating principles, and context of the organization's digital curation and preservation program.
FqTool, language and decoders for working with binary data.
HoliRiskHoliRisk is a framework and online tool to support the development of a risk assessment based on principles from ISO31000.
MediaConchMediaConch is a file validation software.
OpenDOAROpenDOAR is a simple, web-based tool that guides repository administrators through the process of creating basic policies for the submission, re-use, and preservation of digital materials.