Citation and Impact Tracking

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Function definition: Tools that support the citation of data and the tracking of the impact of usage of that data.
Lifecycle stage: Preservation Planning

Tools for this function

DataCiteDataCite works with data centres to assign persistent identifiers to datasets using the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) infrastructure.
ImpactStoryImpactStory (previously Total-Impact) allows researchers and organisations to gather a wide range of impact metrics about multiple forms of scholarly output.
MendeleyMendeley is a combination web service and desktop application that allows users to create, manage, and share collections of references.
Perma.ccA tool that captures, stores, plays-back and provides a new URL for web citation. Built and maintained at the Harvard Law School Library.
ReaderMeterReaderMeter is a web-based service that compiles readership information about scientific content to create an estimate of the content's community impact.
WebCiteWebCite is an on-demand web archiving service that takes snapshots of Internet-accessible digital objects at the behest of users, storing the data on their own servers and assigning unique identifiers to those instances of the material.