Bad Peggy

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Bad Peggy
Scans for damaged images and photos.
Platforms:Windows, Linux, OSX
Wikidata ID:Q96623169
Input Formats:BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG
Function:Quality Assurance,Validation
Content type:Image


Bad Peggy scans images (JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF) for damages and other blemishes, and shows the results and files instantly. It enables you to find such broken files quickly, inspect and then either delete or move them to a different location.

Requires Java 6 or higher.

Licensed under the GPLv3.

Quoted from the documentation: "Bad Beggy uses the Java Image IO (JIIO) library to examine image files. Its decoder emits warnings and errors while an image gets loaded. Thus the results do depend on it being up-to-date and also its changes in functionality. Bad Peggy checks though on startup if in general, well-known errors in images do get detected, i.e. if JIIO is still functioning in detecting damaged images as expected. What "damaged" truly means depends and can be

  • small difference from the official format, e.g. extra data appended after the actual image.
  • non-critical issues like unknown values, which do not affect displaying the image at all.
  • minor damage which only disturb smaller parts of the image.
  • major damage, which causes the display to be corrupted after a particular position.
  • completely truncated or i.e. incomplete images.
  • errors at the beginning of the files, so that decoding can't even commence.
  • files with are not images at all, but accidentally carry the file extension.
  • image files which don't get recognized b the JIIO, but can be processed by other image viewers, e.g. if additional information is stored before the *image data starts (which smarter or more aggressive decoders then skip).
  • an image which looks damaged because it got loaded as such, and saved again in another application - and thus is structurally fine.
  • an image which is logically damaged but does not cause complains by the JIIO, although the flaws are clearly visible - this is one of the most problematic cases, since such files won't be detected by Bad Peggy - detection for such problems is difficult, you can compare this with a text editor loading and displaying a file with the word "text pr{cessor" in the, where the 'a' to '{' change was caused by a faulty transmission but the text *still makes sense to the editor itself.

In general it is not recommended to just discard every image reported as damaged but to check out if repairing or re-saving the file in other applications into a generally valid image format is possible."

User Experiences[edit]

  • To validate other file formats than JPEG, make sure the file extension (e. g. gif, png, bmp) appears on the List "options" -> "file extension". If it does not appear there, maybe you should re-download directly from Coderslagoon

Development Activity[edit]

New in Version 2.0:

  • Support for PNG, BMP and GIF images.
  • Simplified status bar.
  • Visual error differentiation changed to grayscale.
  • Error differentiation now in done in gray tones.
  • Message box button text is now translated.
  • Minor bug fixes and cosmetic changes.

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