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The ResCarta Tools software empowers users to create non-proprietary digital objects with LOC standard METS, MODS, MIX and AudioMD metadata from existing TIFF, JPEG, PDF and WAV data through user-friendly interfaces. Digital collections can be created, indexed, displayed and validated using the software. Exports DC, OAI_DC formats for use in OAI/PMH servers.
License:Apache License v2.0
Platforms:Linux, Windows, and OSX operating systems


ResCarta Toolkit allows users to create digital archives from scans, digital photographs or recordings of analog objects. Metadata is added using simple forms and is written into each digital object to Library of Congress Standards of METS, MODS, MIX, and AudioMD. Audio files containing spoken words can be automatically transcribed. Textural content of documents and audio can be edited to create highly accurate transcriptions using graphical tools. Standard directory and file naming is produced during use. A complete Lucene tm index of metadata and textural content can be created for use in a fully functional web application for discovery and display of digital objects. A checksum validation tool is included to assure long term stability of the archive.

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