Python checkm package

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This is a Python implementation of the checkm specification.
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2011-06-22 15:57:46
[,2008:Grit::Commit/050f9e3531a11ad7ebe3a1e1d3c73c9f47856b3c Merge branch 'hotfix/toxinit']
by benosteen
2011-06-22 15:57:38
[,2008:Grit::Commit/c25caba4275c3b1c657c3edf6941464da46ad803 Added tox configuration]
by benosteen
2011-06-21 17:44:57
[,2008:Grit::Commit/cae1b1e52be9dbf2e47e5a505094969d82f06cbb Small typo]
by benosteen
2011-06-11 16:46:08
[,2008:Grit::Commit/3f935fbcf524e5bfed4805b66d48a47c5810a517 Increased file error handling (unreadable file due to IO or permissio…]
by benosteen
2011-06-11 16:07:34
[,2008:Grit::Commit/2b4f35080a49b2c3606b8285d8eab32f4dc32d22 Made the verbose '-v' switch for the commandline option, well, more v…]
by benosteen
2011-06-11 15:52:06
[,2008:Grit::Commit/c07b673c4ec1e98e9082809384a7fbb36043393c Updated the checkm parser and reporter to use the Checkm 0.7 manner o…]
by benosteen
2011-06-11 15:34:35
[,2008:Grit::Commit/4601ff8e705a501becf9bfef4bad7670199a9e21 Cleaned up the directory and Closes #1]
by benosteen

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