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Converts document formats to RTF
License:Unknown but wrapper created by E.Mendelson at Columbia.edu (2020)
Input Formats:Word, WordPerfect, Excel
Output Formats:RTF
Function:File Format Migration
Content type:Document


LegacyFileConverter is a 32-bit Windows application that make it easy to run the old Word for Word file converters in modern Windows systems. It uses the 1995-era Word for Word for DOS program, briefly released by Adobe in its Adobe File Utilities package, now packaged in a compiled AutoIt script. The package only converts files in formats in use before 1995; do not try to use it with modern formats like DOCX, ODT, Word 2007, etc.

The utility was first released in its current form in May 2020.

User Experiences[edit]

Currently no documented user experiences of this utility.