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PDF library for manipulation, content extraction and creation
License:GNU Affero General Public License v3
Function:Metadata Extraction
Content type:Document

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Quoted from the iText website: iText is a library that allows you to create and manipulate PDF documents. It enables developers looking to enhance web and other applications with dynamic PDF document generation and/or manipulation.

Create your PDFs[edit]

If you look at PDF creation, you'll find that graphical designers use desktop applications such as Adobe Acrobat or Adobe InDesign to create a document in a manual or semi-manual process. iText is not such an end-user tool. iText is used to create PDF documents programmatically. Developers write Java or .NET code to produce PDFs directly from software applications, without—or with minimal—human intervention. Sometimes the document is created in an intermediary format first, and then converted to PDF. Creating documents from scratch

Adapt your PDFs[edit]

As already mentioned when talking about filling out forms, iText can also manipulate existing PDF documents. Form filling is only one feature. You can also use iText to split, merge, or superimpose PDFs. You can stamp content on existing documents, add page numbers, watermarks, etc. As a rule, PdfStamper is to be used when only one document is involved; PdfCopy and PdfSmartCopy are to be used when there's more than one document. Encrypt your documents

Maintain your PDFs[edit]

iText is known to be used in different plug-ins for different content management systems.

Inspect your PDFs[edit]

You can inspect a PDF document using iText's PdfReader class. This class is also used in iText RUPS. You can ask a document for its number of pages, for the fonts that are used, you can extract field values as well as text. Fix your PDFs

User Experiences[edit]

Development Activity[edit]