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HoliRisk is a framework and online tool to support the development of a risk assessment based on principles from ISO31000.
License:GNU General Public License 3
Platforms:Web based

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Quoted from the TIMBUS website: "Organizations always have internal and external factors that can pose a risk to the achievement of their objectives. Risk management is the field responsible for defining and managing controls, and policies, to address those risks that affect valuable assets. Risk management can be useful in several different contexts. It can be applied in an entire organization, a specific department or area, or even a specific function, project or activity. This diversity of contexts also results in one of the main problems of the field where efforts operate in silos with narrowly focused, functionally driven, and disjointed risk management activities. As consequence, organizations are faced with a fragmented view of risks, with different languages, parameterizations, and metrics that lead to highly complex specific-built solutions that cannot be reuse. This document describes the conceptual design of the HoliRisk - a flexible generic framework to support the steps of risk assessment, which was designed taking in consideration the principles from ISO31000."

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