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CINCH (Capture INgest and CHecksum Tool) facilitates batch downloading and ingest of Internet-accessible documents and/or images to a central repository.
Function:Web Capture
Content type:Web


A project to develop a bulk download service to a central repository that will maintain original file timestamps, extract file level metadata, create file checksums and periodically validate checksums for continued file integrity.

Users merely need to upload a list of URLs to download and when the process completes they can download the requested files and file metadata to their local environment.


State Library of North Carolina

Licensing and cost[edit]


Platform and interoperability[edit]


Documentation and user support[edit]

Diagrams, an FAQ, and documentation for users and developers is available through the application website. Setup instructions can be found on the associated GitHub pages.

User Experiences[edit]

Development Activity[edit]

All development activity is visible on GitHub:

Release Feed[edit]

Below the last 3 release feeds:

2012-11-26 21:31:58
[,2008:Repository/2544449/v1.4 v1.4: Added mp3 and mp4 file types.]
by lfarrell
2012-07-24 18:49:37
[,2008:Repository/2544449/v1.3 v1.3]
by lfarrell
2012-07-17 19:17:05
[,2008:Repository/2544449/v1.2 v1.2]
by lfarrell

Activity Feed[edit]

Below the last 5 commits:

2019-03-01 13:00:58
[,2008:Grit::Commit/1ba63dba9f796e18c2b4e3322e78577d7f03dbbc Update]
by erholmes
2012-12-03 21:11:47
[,2008:Grit::Commit/77948a39610ea68dc8d017efae237234d199b28b Added mp3, mp4 to view]
by lfarrell
2012-11-28 15:58:29
[,2008:Grit::Commit/06e302a9c60e7414b54f41985969ccc19fa61dd0 Fixed error with mp3 format being incorrectly identified as an unsupp…]
by lfarrell
2012-11-27 18:54:51
[,2008:Grit::Commit/3e00ebb00d2a2a69829b9e47384968dc29db9afc Moved sending user login info to beforeSave() and removed afterValida…]
by lfarrell
2012-11-27 16:09:18
[,2008:Grit::Commit/185d928e04af2c122293c9f346dbc244f9622d6f Added in admin action to reset user's password and email it to them.]
by lfarrell