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Proposed by Andrew N. Jackson for the Preservation theme of the IIPC GA in 2015.

DigiPresHack@IIPC-GA-2015: Formats & Tools Hackathon[edit]

To effectively capture and preserve the web, we need to understand the formats and protocols of the web, and the tools that can be used to manage them over time. This need has manifested itself via a range of digital preservation tool and format registries and test corpora, but so far these have only represented a partial success. Many registries have been developed but have failed to take hold, and those that have succeeded are those that have sought to identify, support and recognised those individuals willing to spend time contributing their effort and knowledge.

The idea of this DigiPresHack is to support those who wish to contribute in this area by providing a supportive environment and a clear framework for contribution. The hackathon format would be a one-day workshop in the ‘unconference’ style. Suggested activities would include:


  • This only really makes sense if the IIPC Preservation Working Group are keen.
  • To go ahead, this hackathon will require some organisation and facilitation. If necessary, we could consider seeking additional funding to bring in appropriate individuals who could facilitate this event and who would not otherwise be able to attend.
  • If possible, modest prizes for significant contributions could help build momentum.
  • Ideally, we could use a webcast/hangout or similar to enable engagement by those who cannot attend.