Novice to Know-How Learning Pathway

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Practical digital preservation training for beginners
License:CC BY-NC-SA

The Novice to Know-How learning pathway is an online, self-directed training course offered by the Digital Preservation Coalition. It aims to provide beginners with the skills required to develop and implement simple digital preservation workflows within their organisation.

It starts with a broad introduction to digital preservation issues and describes the steps that can be taken to address these. It then delves into potential workflows in more detail, examining the issues to consider, steps to take, and technological solutions that can deployed. An emphasis is placed on free, easy-to-use solutions, and includes a number of tool demos. Course content is provided as mix of video, text, and quizzes.

Learning Objectives[edit]

Learners will be able to:

  • Explain what digital preservation is
  • Prioritise digital preservation actions at their organization
  • Develop and implement simple digital preservation workflows

The learning pathway was developed by the Digital Preservation Coalition, funded by The National Archives (UK) as part of the "Plugged In, Powered Up" digital capacity building strategy.