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A PRONOM based, online file format identification tool written in Javascript and HTML5
License:Free use on website / Commercial


FIDOO is an abbreviation for "Format Identification of Digital Objects Online" and is inspired by the OPF Format Identification tool FIDO.

It is a web-based tool to identify the format of files, no installation or uploading required. It reads files locally. No files are uploaded and all information is destroyed if you close your browser.

The website is free to use and allows up to 250 files to be analyzed at a time.

The identification engine is not open source and can be licensed for use in web-based ingest workflow front-ends.

Development / Bugs[edit]

See Github repository issue page for more information on development and bugs.

User Experiences[edit]

Development Activity[edit]

All development activity is visible on GitHub:

Release Feed[edit]

Below the last 3 release feeds:

2016-02-26 14:17:59
[,2008:Repository/27305036/0.1.4 0.1.4]
by techmaurice
2016-02-25 15:46:16
[,2008:Repository/27305036/0.1.3 0.1.3]
by techmaurice
2016-02-23 12:48:58
[,2008:Repository/27305036/0.1.2 0.1.2]
by techmaurice

Activity Feed[edit]

Below the last 5 commits:

2016-03-03 13:06:43
[,2008:Grit::Commit/289e4fe4b9dccfa7669aa088e091503279b38305 Escaped bytesequences in JSON with 'slash-slash-x' for general compat…]
by techmaurice
2016-02-28 15:56:10
[,2008:Grit::Commit/b0d5a832f79803073affe9d9f2762538e07fcc83 Added bittorrent format to format extensions]
by techmaurice
2016-02-26 14:17:04
[,2008:Grit::Commit/b086161770156670dee8c92c22396c1c90c2327b New version 0.1.4, close to maturity.]
by techmaurice
2016-02-26 09:03:40
[,2008:Grit::Commit/bdf31d8bad833731b8f6b3d8b7a85f483a6dc00c Update NPM package]
by techmaurice
2016-02-25 15:44:00
[,2008:Grit::Commit/50d576e6147b3d85a09cdb3ed9792c24198f0d54 Added format extensions; mimetype fixes for Chrome; fixed bug in rege…]
by techmaurice