Development plans

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This page provides a summary or to do list of development items that we are currently working on for COPTR, mostly behind the scenes

  • Referencing other registries - we're currently looking at how best to link to other registries, whether via format pages and/or directly from tool pages
  • Tool graveyard - what do we do when a tool appears to have reached end of life? How do we define end of life, and what action do we take? Current plan is to move such tools to a "tool graveyard" which would be an alternate category to "Tools". This would preserve all existing information on COPTR about the tool, without showcasing it in the usual tool categories
  • Embedding COPTR data on 3rd party websites - there are two potential actions to explore here. Firstly, providing some notes on constructing a query and utilising the results, and/or going further and developing a widget for embedding the results of simple tool list queries on a website

Other items on hold for now:

  • Restructuring file format pages as children of Content Category pages
  • Tagging for workflows