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Cloc (Count Lines of Code) serves not only to count the lines of Code,but also guesses the programming language, thus can be used to identify files. It is a command line tool which is easy to use.
Homepage: "[https" has not been listed as valid URI scheme.CLOC in GitHub
License:GNU General Public License v2.0
Function:File Format Identification


Start the command line from the folder which contains the CLOC exe file.


cloc-1.78.exe D:/Folder/fileToAnalyse

The findings are shown in the black window. Alternatively, you can have an output file

cloc-1.78.exe D:/Folder/fileToAnalayse > outputfile.txt

You can also analyse all files in certain folder, the syntax is like this:

cloc-1.78.exe D:/AnalyseWholeFolder > outputForAllFilesInFolder.txt

Cloc FindingExxample.jpg

User Experiences[edit]

Development Activity[edit]

The tool is now released at GitHub. CLOC Page on GitHub There are new releases roughly twice a year.