AOR (Assessing Organisational Readiness)

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Assessing Institutional Digital Assets: Self-assessment tool for describing institutional readiness and capabilities for digital asset management and digital preservation


The AIDA project (2008-2009) aimed to:

  • Create a tool, based on a proven model, to enable institutions to perform self-assessment of their readiness for digital asset management and digital preservation
  • Suggest options and strategies for each stage of institutional readiness
  • Provide recommendations on how to improve institutional readiness
  • Produce a decision tool for assessing assets which takes into account institutional readiness
  • Explore decisions relating to preservation options and their effect on costs
  • Provide some indications of the possible costs of digital preservation, based on these outputs

AIDA's approach to building the self-assessment tool is based primarily on the successful Cornell model for describing institutional readiness and capabilities for digital preservation. It is known that the preservation options available to an institution will vary between institutions, due to different states of preparedness between them. The asset management tool will take this into account when recommending options or highlighting threats to assets.

AIDA's approach to asset management will seek to bring together the best elements of the expertise of records managers, librarians, data curators, repository managers and others in developing an institution-wide approach to asset management. The tools, guidance and case studies will help institutions understand how to take small steps forward to improve institutional maturity in regard to digital asset management and preservation concerns.

User Experiences[edit]

A review and evaluation of the AIDA toolkit as used by Los Alamos National Laboratory Research Library, 2012 (NB - behind a paywall).

Development Activity[edit]